Hello dear friends,
the time is come to let you know the dates of the Lesvos activity weeks. We have organized a perfect programme, for people interested in the traditional life of Lesvos they will surely love. On our programme you will find:
  • You will enjoy wonderful Hikes through the wild nature. Many surprises, such as waterfalls and the breathtaking fauna and flora and more will inspire you
  • You visit centuries old monasteries
  • You will visit a sheep and goat farm, milking the milk by yourself and make your feta cheese and Yogurt from the fresh milk
  • You have the experience out of the ordnary, coockery courses with the Chef „Giannis“, from the restaurant „Tropicana“, based on traditional recepies
  • Music evenings full of greek joy of life, with life music and dance
  • You can book a horse back riding trip in the wild nature
  • You have the chance to take a part of a professional Photography course
  • from November you have the opportunity to participate on the traditionall, annual olive harvest. You collect, sort, fill the olives in sacks and bring them to the traditional olive press. There you can watch how the sun matured organic olives, produce the delicious and very healthy Oliveoil. Our self-collected oil!! Be this experience, value!
  • enjoy relaxing and regenerating ayurvedic massages from Ayurvedic Therapist Jannis Pantoglou (you can find me on Facebook at “Ayurvedic Massage by Janni”)
Be aware of the chance to enjoy this offer and do something for yourself. You take these exciting and memorable moments into your life and thus expand your consiouscess.