Summer hikes

The Greek summer from 15.06.  –  15.09. each year is too hot for extended day hikes!
The fact that all Greek schools have closed every summer, because during these three months it is to hot for thinking, suggests that it must be  too hot for running or hiking during daytime too…. 
Therefore, I have developed a special summer hiking program with easy sunset & sunrise walks
For all ” summer hikes”  applies:                          
• Plenty of water to bring!
• Sunscreen and hat in any case!
• Small  and light snack for the road
• Good walking sandals allowed
• For sunset walks: tourches or headlamp
• Hiking days may vary according to demand
During the summer season ( 15.06. -15.09.) I offer three tours per week:

1. Sunset at Wednesday, hike through the wild vulcanic valley of the old water mills, 

a) Variant: 8km on donkey trail, old millers path, one way tour,

b) Variant: add 5 km if you return under the stars on an easy route on path, sandy path through fields and meadow.

Meeting Point: Tavern Allonia, depending on the month 16:00 to 18:00
Exact schedule  upon request or booking

Short car/taxi ride to the foot of the valley. We start slowly ascending along the watercourse in the light of the beginning sunset through pink and orange shimmering lava rocks. Soon we pass the ruins of the old mills overlooking the coloring itself golden Aegean Sea .
 At the height of the vulcanic valley we continue on the old millers path and dip into the green jungle of the surprisingly suddenly changing nature. Smoothly we continue at the height and enjoy the fantastic views over the sea until Moliwos castle. Arriving at “ Petri” a small mountain village with narrow cobblestone roads and  we enjoy in a charming Taverna, with one more time great view, homemade specialities from greek and asia minors kitchen as the sun slowly sets  .

a) You return from here  by taxi to the hotel/accomodation.
b) Who feels strengthened enough walks with us back on gently  lowing ways, under the stars, occassionly using our flashlight, to the starting point.
Flashlight do not forget!
Back depending on the starting time 21.30 – 23.00 clock

2. Sunrise at Monday, walk on old pilgrimage route to the hidden monasteries,
12km, easy walk on historical stonepath, drive to start and endpoint included
Pick up depending on temperature 6:30 to 7:30 from your accommodation. Approximately 20 min. drive to the heart of the island.
A great historical, cultural and nature walk, expierinence constant change multifaceted, semi-shaded island landscapes while the sun is rising, birds start singing and the day starts on its way.
We walk on ancient pilgrim routes through the foothills of the mountains to the hidden monasteries of the island. These played an important role while the nearly 5000 years of occupation by the osman empire to protect the population and as a stronghold of Greek culture. We visit 3 of the monasteries see and hear about history, myth and mythologie.. Please pay attention to clothing while visiting.Refreshments and breakfast availible at the cafeteria of “Lemonas” monastery halfway.
Return to your accomodation, according to starting time by approx. 12.00

3. Sunset Tuesday, hike to the summit of Lepetimnos,
Pick up from your accommodation in the late afternoon, exact schedule upon booking
ca.13km as the chamois to the roof of the island, +- 500 meters. Steady increase. easy climbing
Drive up to the mountain village Ypsolometopo, on the south side of Lepetimnos mountain . At the village spring we fill our water bottles with fresh cool water for the hike. We are starting on a goat path through the ever-changing mountain nature. Throughout the rise fantastic views and views over the whole island. On clear days to the neighboring island of Chios, Mount Athos on the mainland and Troy on the coast of Asia Minor. The last third  takes us through a fairy tale, enchanted forest until the summit with chapel of the Prophet Ilias. Backpack rest at the, on a wild rock located, chapel and we find ourselfs on the “roof of the island”, exactly at the time of sunset. We enjoy the stunning moment before we gentle descent on dirt road to Pelopi as the daylight goes and the stars start sparkling on the Greek summers night sky.
Specialy great walk on a full moons night! 
Pick up from Pelopi to your accomodation. Retutn by approx.: 23.00
It may be chilly and windy at the summit. Please think of appropriate clothing and sufficient food for the summit snack. Bring a flashlight.

 Book here your summer hike and ask about your exact hiking day and time