Therapeutic Hiking

Hiking in itself has a positive effect on body and mind.
Therapeutic Hiking targetes this effect.

Therapeutical hikes with  day by day,  moving and being moved,  will continue to  give you  new imprints. With the help  of  the vast island nature and the  soft body  exercises  slowly  you allow  to know yourself and your abilities  better  and lead to more inner peace and physical balance.

Designed and guided tailor made  therapeutic  hikes/weeks of therapy for:
Individuals and groups:

⦁ relaxing and unwinding

⦁ according  the present diagnosis,

⦁  in collaboration with physicians and / or instructors

⦁ Seminar,    on the body and motion perception,  or part of a  seminar,   
   Feldenkrais, Yoga, Breathing,  Voice training,  etc.

⦁ Rehabilitation from a variaty of disorders caused by physical or psychological trauma.

⦁ Burn-Out Preventions measure, stressmanagement

The objective is  always a  body sensation, more conscious and extended field of motion perception and increase sensorimotor skills, positive attitude to life, increased self-esteem.
Schedules, programs and processes:    Eva Traumann, mail to: