About us

For over a decade, we are a small – but fine – specialist supplier for hiking, trekking and outdoor activities on the Greek island of Lesvos. As a specialist and direct provider we work professionally and personally, exclusively for you on Lesvos. Our groups are small and individually. Depending on the preferences of the participants we can respond to your needs and expectations. All tours around the Lepetimnos Mountain, start in the picturesque and monumental town of Molyvos. A second base for touring around the Olympos Mountain, the Ouzo City located in the south of the island Plomari and the scenic Gulf of Gera or the beautiful village Agiassos.

However, we offer throughout the whole year hiking tours and all the other activities from our program, depending on interest. Those of you who would like to stay active in wintertime just have to contact us. You can have the opportunity to discover another side of this wonderful island and experience nature in a total different way. With hiking tours, mountain biking, horse back riding or special cookery courses, you can bring some more colour in the dull and grey winter months.

Our tipp for nature lovers:

In the colorful fall foliage November wild saffron and Mediterranean cyclamen flower in the green mountains, as in the months of March and April in the multi-colored and fragrant spring flowers sea. Discover Greece unknown versatile natural beauty



Eva is the founder and the soul of “Walking on Lesvos“. Born in Munich she lives on Lesvos since childhood. At her father’s hand She made first excursions into nature and history of the island. After her education in publishing in Germany and gaining qualification in sport in England and Greece she founded “Walking on Lesvos”. Moving and being moved is one of her credos. With her excellent knowledge of the island she now organises and leads individually tailored walking days and tours.

Eva’s handpicked, 100% pur organic, extra virgin, and premium cold pressed olive oil “Organic Basics” is available, to direct customers only, through the website organicbasics or write here, in 500ml bottle, 250ml bottle and 5l canister (before please order before harvesting in advance)

Tel.: +49(0)89 852463  or email : wander@otenet.gr


Janni was born and raised in Germany and is an educated Ayurveda therapist.
As a passionate hiker and nature lover, he has in the meantime turned his hobby into a job. He has combined the Ayurvedic life philosophy with his affinity to nature and developed with Eva a perfect concept, that nature lovers among you will surely enjoy.
In this concept, therapeutic hiking is combined with various stretching exercises, which help the muscles loosen up again.
The Ayurvedic massage sessions with special, warm oils let body and soul relax and increase one`s well-being.