Walking on Lesvos with Us, discover the “magic” island

2019  Special walking weeks

THE 5 MOST BEAUTIFUL TOURS around MOLIVOS  and in the Lepetimnos Mountain range
Dates: 09.04-19.04.2019

These 5 most beautiful tours around the “Lepetimnos” Mountain lead you into great, varied Landschft of the “magic Island” of  Lesvos.
Starting point for all tours is the picturesque,  as monoument  listed “Moliwos” with its colorful houses, cobblestone streets  and the Genoese castle.

Enjoy 1 week  nature pure.
• Island feeling  at the intersection of Europe with Asia Minor
• Botanical highlights
• History on the way
• Myth and literary treasures
• Original Greece
• Culinary Greetings from Asia Minor

All tours 10-15km, easy to moderate, good physical condition and sure-footedness are required. We walk along the old pilgrim routes, traditional farmers paths, mule- and goat  tracks and occasionally cross country.
My price: 5x guided tours, including transport to start and endpoints: € 175
Accomodation of your choice from € 230               

Travel Complete, walking week as package:  5x guided tours, flight from any airport to MJT, accommodation the 3 star  Hotel  Olive Press inkl. breakfast, HB combiend 3x in traditional tavernas and 4 x Hotel
airport transfer, extension possible from: € 1059

Highlight, you can enjoy a special Ayurvedic oilmassage. Janni, as an Ayurvedic therapist, can offer you various special oilmassage treatments that help your body relax.The use of special, valuable, warm herbal oils gives a strong feeling of snugness. That way you can free yourself of blockades on physical and psychical level.

Prices pro massage:

  • Fullbody massage ( 60 min. ) 50 €
  • Different other massages ( 30 min. ) 30 €

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