Weekly programm for day tours

The weekly program with daily all-day hikes offers great walking expierence
from mid-March to mid-June and mid-September to mid-November.

However, we offer throughout the whole year hiking tours and all the other activities from our program, depending on interest. Those of you who would like to stay active in wintertime just have to contact us. You can have the opportunity to discover another side of this wonderful island and experience nature in a total different way. With hiking tours, mountain biking, horse back riding or special cookery courses, you can bring some more colour in the dull and grey winter months.

During the hot time of the Greek summer, I offer special summer hikes: sunset & sunrise hikes.

For all-day hikes of the weekly program applies:
Enjoy Hiking in the foreground, slightly sporty, Difficulty level 2
Tour length: 15-25 km
Altitude: 50-500m
Appropriate footwear
Health and corresponding condition is a prerequisite !!
Minimum number of participants: 4 persons.

We walk along mule tracks, old pilgrim paths , forgotten routes treks whilst dicovering flora, fauna and history. Sometimes climb over little rocks, the occasional boulders, pass through a small river or over a fence. On our way we meet donkeys, sheep or goats , find turtles, salamanders, newts and lizards. Falcons and buzzards, even an eagle can be companions in the air. Lunch break we take in rual taverns with magnificent panoramic view or in the middle of nature, beach or mountain. . Enough drinking water is always a must! Keep in mind that we walk through untouchet nature most of the time! Therefore your backpack should also always have a good time snack Do never forget sun hat- and cream . Swimming gear is a good idea and binoculars if desired. Do bring a wind proof rain cape for all occasions and seasons.

If you walk the whole program, attached below, one can say that it has all the north / east part of Lesvos to the heart of the island. You should be a good hiker with enough stamina and in perfect physical condition. The Island in altitude is often underestimated. Think of the fact that we geologocal find ourselfs in Asia minor. The climate is accordingly and the sun much more intense (!!!) – as in Central Europe. You find at Tours 2 + 4 a proposal of a pure enjoyment variant and a more sophisticated variant. You have the option to arrange the itinerary to your personal level each day with me.

The departure time of our hikes depends on the current day temperature.
Please contact me for the 1-2 days bevore the hike of your desire for the exact starting time.
Week days to hikes may vary, depending on the demand .

Per walk from Molyvos 25 – 35 Euro, according duration and transfer which is always included.
Excluded are: boat trips, donkey rides and additional-recue- taxi fares.
If you plan to join us as a group please enquire regarding special conditions
Partcipation at your own risk.


Thursdays, Tour 1: Skala Sikaminia, Coast and Panorama tour via hot springs.

Meetingpoint: Taverna Allonia/Moliwos,  approx.: 18 km, difference in altitude 300 m, dirt track and cobblestone path.

Introducing Lesvos, geological and historical setting, getting acclimatised.
We walk along the coastline with stunning views toward Asia Minor until the picturesque fishing village of Skala Sikaminia. Discover the rual hot springs of Eftalou and enjoy an at first easy walk on the coastline.

Bevor we reach skala Sikaminea we ascend to the forgotten path of “Raches”, one of the typical routes conneting villages bevore modern times. Nature and silience , olive groves and the blue of the Aegeon will set your mind free. Arriving in Skala Sikamenia be surprised by the chapell of the holy mary with the fishtail and enjoy the idylic setting of the harbour. Good possibility to try some fresh fish in one of the taverns.

If the sea allows it we return by boat. Additional cost of the boat ride to Moliwos harbour 15 Euro. Otherwise we return by taxi or Minibus.

Fridays, Tour 2: Valley of the old watermills, nature pur, vulcanic rocks, lush green.
Meetinpoint Taverna Allonia/Moliwos

1. Variant of the hike: 13km, return by Taxi or Minibus. Partly through brushwood and undergrowth, mostly on the old millers path. 400m differnce in altitude.

2.Variant of the hike: 21km, after a relaxing lunch with specialities of Asia Minors kitchen we return by foot on an easy route to Moliwos.+- 400m difference in altitude.

Setting of from Molivos through pine forest and skirting volcanic rocks we pass a water reservoir and slowly ascend to approx.: 500m. Bizarr vulcanic landscape alters with lush green on our way.While ascending there is enough time to enjoy the views over the sea, with good weather conditions until the mainland.

After visiting the ruins of a by gone era we will reach the little mountain village of Petri. Here we have a most delightfull Lunch with tastes from Asia Mionor offerd by Gerorgia and Maria in their small tavern with stunning view.

After relaxaing you got the choice of returning by taxi/minibus or an easy downhill on foot towards Moliwos, plus 8km.


Saturdays, 3.Tour: The three monasteries, History, culture and nature. Pick up from you accomodation / Allonia Tavern/Busstation Moliwos/Hotel Delfinia

approx.: 13 km reasonably easy. historical cobblerstone path.

An historic, cultural and nature walk visiting three Monasteries (no shorts please) on an old pilgimms path. Listen to myth and mthology on our way with surprising change of landscape. Be guided through an unknown chapter of Greek history.

Mondays – Tour 4 : Romantic Panorama tour around the Skotinos Mountain.

Pick up from Eftalou accomodations/Allonia Tavern/Busstation Moliwos/Delfinia Hote/Meetingpoint Petra square

1. Variant: 15km, difference in altitude +400m,-400m, enjoyment level

2. Variantl: 23km, 700, only tuff hikers!

We pass through the narrow streets of the seaside village of Perta before we ascend through fields and olive groves as we go up to the charming village of Lafiona. We continue through wild, romantic countryside passing the idyllically located ruins of St. Alexandros.

A half – shaded walk around Skotinos Mountain with superb sea views over the west – and east coasts as well as the centre of Lesvos. The walk ends in Petra. Take the opportunity to visit the rock church andtry the specialities of the womans cooperative.

approx.: 15km, difference in altitude +400m,-400m, reasonably easy level

Tuesdays, Tour 5: To the summit of Lepetimnos mountain.

Pick up from: Eftalou accomodations/ Allonia Tavern/Moliwos Busstation/ Delfina Hotel/Petra square
Approx.13 km, +- 500 m. change of elevation,steady increase, easy climbing.

To the summit of Lepetimnos mountain, like chamois to the roof of the island. Ever changing mountain scenery and through silent wondrous fairytale areas with fantastic views over the whole island all the way to the peak. After a short drive up to the mountain village Ypsolometopo, on the south side of Lepetimnosgebirges. We are strting at the spring of the village were we fill our water bottles with delishes fresh water for the day.

After passing through the little village, like a timetravel, we take a goat path through the ever-changing mountain scenery and through silent wondrous fairytale areas with fantastic views over the whole island all the way to the peak. At the summit we find the chapel of the Prophet “Ilias” locatet on a wild rock on the ‘roof top” of the island for a great Backpack break . On a clear day enjoy the fantastic sight to the neighboring island of Chios, Mount Athos on the mainland and Troy on the coast of Asia Minor. Gentle descent on dirt road to Pelopi.

From there you will be brought back to your accomodation. It may be chilly and windy at the summit. Please remember to appropriate clothing.

Wishing you enjoyable and exciting hiking days on the magic island of Lesvos!
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